1 November 2023

CHRIE Communique

CHRIE Communique

Current Issue

The November 2023 issue of the CHRIE Communique is now available.

About the CHRIE Communique

The International CHRIE newsletter includes timely news and information about the world of hospitality and tourism education, special features and a Professional opportunities section listing employment opportunities for people involved in education and training for the hospitality and tourism industry.

CHRIE Communiqué disseminates the latest organization and industry news and is circulated to all ICHRIE members. The advertisements offered in the professional opportunities section assist institutions in attracting the best of today’s hospitality and tourism educators.

Each issue is 12 pages in length and includes regular updates on people in the news, monthly columns from ICHRIE Board of Directors, chapters and federations, articles written by leading industry ICHRIE corporate partners and the latest industry happenings.

CHRIE Communiqué is published monthly (12 issues per year).

Submission Deadlines

The deadline for submissions is the 7th of each month preceding the issue date (for example, the deadline for the December issue is November 7th).

Submissions deadline for December issue: November 7th 2023.

Deadlines for receipt of applications listed in announcements should be at least 30 days from the date of the issue in which the announcement appears. For example, a listing that appears in the November issue should have a deadline for applications in the first week of December or later.

Tel: 01 (804) 346-4800
Email: publications@chrie.org

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