July 2019 | Management

Jean-Pierre van der Rest

Jean-Pierre van der Rest is Professor of Business Administration at Leiden University, one of Europe’s leading research universities. He holds a concurrent position as a Dean at the Graduate School, and previously served as a Professor, Research Director and Associate Dean at Hotelschool The Hague. Jean-Pierre received a PhD in Business from Oxford Brookes University (Oxford School of Hospitality Management), a MA in Managerial Economics from University of Durham (Department of Economics and Finance), and a BBA in Hotel Administration from the Hotel Management School Maastricht. His research focuses on pricing decision-making and revenue optimization in the hotel and restaurant industry. He serves on various editorial boards in hospitality and tourism management. Recipient of research awards, Jean-Pierre actively promotes research and teaching excellence. He has taught in Bachelor, Master, MBA, and Executive Education programmes, has chaired accreditations, and has been an external examiner, external advisor, and a visiting professor at various international business schools.

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