EuroCHRIE Lausanne 2012

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Welcome to the "Photo shoot" of our Conference in Lausanne!

Paul 'Paparazzi' Jackson with the ever intrusive camera was at hand to record all the happenings over the few action packed days of the Conference. (Well - not quite all as he had to be in bed with his drinking chocolate fairly early so missed the real feel of the event at times.)

However, Robert 'Video-Cam' Wetterauer and Herve 'The Blog' were on hand to fill in the gaps.

If you have any special things you want to share please put your comments onto Facebook. Hope these photos serve as a pleasant reminder of the time we had.

Do look at Roberts YouTube Video and Herve's Blog to get a lot more detail.


Board Meeting - Wednesday Board Dinner at Nestle and Wine Tasting
Opening Conference and
Dr Guido Palazzo, Keynote
Networking, Academic Sessions
Thursday morning
Thursday Lunch & Showcase Johanna Devine, Speaker
New Attendees and Welcome Reception Networking, Academic Sessions
Speaker and General Meeting Gala Dinner Reception
Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony Choclate Factory Visit

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