REDGlobal Workshop - Using New Generation Simulations for New Generation Students in a New Generation Marketplace

Time / Date: Wednesday 26th October (09:30 – 11:30)
Venue: Budapest Metropolitan University (Room F203)

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The REDglobal Foundation provides hospitality business simulations, on a “not-for-profit” basis, as a service to educators, students, and institutions as our global “give-back” for the preparation of future industry leaders.

Delivered in over 40 countries, 8 languages, and 10 currencies, new-generation simulations are valued by over 6000 undergraduate and graduate students annually, elevating student engagement, embedding real-to-life learning, and enriching the enjoyment of teaching. They are internet delivered, industry validated, aligned with STR metrics, and grounded in reputation management for social media. Used by hospitality companies and institutions around the globe, new generations simulations help instructors bring real-world learning into class.

Peter and Heidi warmly welcome you to this non-commercial, interactive, and lively workshop, providing the following take-ways for educators who already use simulations and for those considering it:

Benefits of Simulations

  • 1. How do educators, in over 80 institutions, currently blend simulations into undergraduate courses such as: Hotel Operations, F&B Management, Revenue Management, Finance and Accounting, Marketing & Sales, Human Resources, Asset Management, Strategic Management, and Capstone?
  • 2. Why have simulations become so popular in Graduate programs?
  • 3. How do educators use real-world simulation learning to bring STR SHARE Center, CHIA metrics, and benchmarking alive for students?
  • 4. How have simulations impacted student engagement, course evaluations, and program reputation over the last 5 years?

New Generation Simulation Training

  • 5. How do simulation really work behind the scenes?
  • 6. How do instructors easily shape and scale a simulation to their specific course objectives and student level in just a few minutes.
  • 7. How do instructors replicate any market scenario and hotel configuration with just a few clicks?
  • 8. How can students receive complimentary certification to present to recruiters?
  • 9. What are the 2016 simulation enhancements in REVsim, HOTELsim, F&Bsim, RATEsim, and PROFsim? And, which simulation is the perfect fit for a course.

The Annual EuroCHRIE Challenge

  • 10. How does a student team join the Annual EuroCHRIE Hospitality Business Challenge?
  • 11. How is the Challenge conducted, and what are the benefits for students and the instructor?

We warmly welcome you to join us for a lively meet-up filled with practical information, a hands-on simulation experience, and idea sharing. Attendance is complimentary and prebooking can be made at