July 2019 | Management

Dr Ralf Burbach

I am highly committed to the hospitality industry. I possess 13 years experience working in various managerial roles in the hospitality industry in Germany, UK and Ireland. I have been working in academia for the last 18 years, most of which in senior management roles in higher education institutions. For the past eight years, I am the Head of the Hospitality Management Discipline in the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism at the Technological University Dublin. I am very internationally focused and I manage our University’s largest transnational programme with Hainan University, China. I am also engaged at the national level in Ireland as part of the Hospitality Careers Oversight Group, which was set up the Irish Government to promote careers in the industry. My key research interests are electronic Human Resource Management, Talent Management and vocational training systems and I have published various journal articles and book chapters in these areas.

Being part of the EuroCHRIE family has benefited me on so many different levels, both professionally and personally. I have made many new friends and made countless new business contacts all over the world. These contacts have and continue to benefit my own professional development and those of my School and wider University in terms of teaching, learning, research, programme development, etc., especially in the international context. Being part of EuroCHRIE is a truly enriching experience.

I joined EuroCHRIE (as part of a premium membership) about seven years ago prior to the Freiburg conference. Since then I was appointed Area Consultant for Ireland, I was elected Director of Education and then VP. As the President for EuroCHRIE, I had the fortune to be at the helm for two highly successful EuroCHRIE conferences, one in Dublin (which I also organised) and the other in Hong Kong, our historic first joint conference with APacCHRIE, while also spearheading a number of changes within the organisation. I have recently been elected Director of Networking for ICHRIE and I really look forward to that new challenge. This is also the reason while I will only be available in an honorary (non-executive) capacity as Immediate Past President to our Federation. Please come and join this wonderful (and largest) family of hospitality, tourism, events and culinary educators. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, if you would like any advice on how to become a member or how to get more involved in the Federation.

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