January 2019 | Management

James Musgrave

Director of Networking, Dr James Musgrave, has to take a 6-month compassionate leave. In order to make sure that all the hard work he has started is being taken care of, the EuroCHRIE board has decided to name Dr Henri Kuokkanen hkuokkanen@institutpaulbocuse.com as interim DoN. The EuroCHRIE executive board will also help Henri in this task until our friend James can come back. We sincerely hope you understand our will to give James the time he needs.

Dr James Musgrave is Subject Head at the UK Centre for Events Management. James has a strong publication background related to sustainable management within the events industry, having been awarded Highly Commended Paper Award Winner from Emerald Publishing for his article “Moving towards Responsible Events Management”. He is lead author of the MPI report into the value of CSR in the meetings industry. He is co-editor of ‘Sustainability and Events Management’ published by CAB International and special edition editor for the Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes journal on the continuing debate of sustainable management within events. He has written numerous industry white papers and contributed to various book chapters, more recently for Professor Michael Hall (2014) Sustainable Management in Tourism. He is an invited speaker at international conferences on event management and sustainability. His PHD is on sustainable travel and behaviour change from the world renowned Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. He sits on the executive committee of the Association of Event Management Education, was a mirror committee member for ISO 20121 (Sustainable Events Management) and actively promotes sustainable practices in events through various industry partners and design of educational programmes. James has extensive experience in corporate events, hospitality operations and hotel openings through to senior partner for Genuine Hospitality Consultancy. He has delivered training events for ARUP, Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre, Logistik and worked alongside Positive Impact to deliver online sustainable courses.

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