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Voting now closed!

Dear EuroCHRIE Members,

We are currently asking you to vote for the 2019 EuroCHRIE Board positions. You must be the named and a paid-up member of International CHRIE. We are seeking you to vote for the following positions:

Please review the candidate’s biographies and platform statements below and then cast your vote. You will be asked for your membership details.

Voting will end Sunday 16th June 2019 at 23:59 GMT.

Vice President
(Two Candidates)


Xander Lub

NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences


Prof Dr. Xander Lub is a Professor of Hospitality Management & Experience Design at Breda University of Applied Sciences and has spent the largest part of his academic career working in hospitality schools. His teaching career spans 20 years and several continents. In his current job, he heads a group of researchers in Hospitality Management & Experience Design and is a Lead Professor of the Research Unit on Designing, Managing & Measuring Experiences.

His research interests include Hospitality, Experience and Service Design as well as OB/HRM-related issues. Xander serves as an editorial board member and/or reviewer for 10 international journals in hospitality or management field, and his work is published in leading scholarly books and international journals in hospitality and management.

Platform Statement

EuroCHRIE has been a part of my working life for 12 years now, and although I visit several conferences every year, I still consider this conference the highlight of the year and a great chance to meet old and new friends and colleagues. I have been involved in the organization of EuroCHRIE conferences (2010/2017) and have served in different Board positions over the last 8 years with EuroCHRIE. Our community has developed in the past years, and I am proud to be part of this great family. However, I also believe EuroCHRIE is ready for the next step. In an increasingly networked economy, EuroCHRIE has the opportunity to play a pivotal role in forging increased collaboration between researchers and educators at schools across the EAME region to create a stronger hospitality and tourism research profile.

If elected as Vice-President, I’m committed to strengthening the EuroCHRIE community through increased international collaborations and academic excellence in the following ways:

  1. Redeveloping our value proposition to create added value for you in networking opportunities, skill-building and (joint) knowledge development

  2. Building stronger collaborations with APacCHRIE and I-CHRIE

  3. Developing stronger intra-school research communities around key topic areas and developing a network for joint research grant proposals and/or development of education content and methods

  4. Rolling out new conference formats that we developed, such as Small Group Meetings or PhD workshops to supports collaborative development of expertise

  5. Developing activities to strengthen research and reviewing skills through the development of guidelines, workshops and learning communities (i.e. academic writing, specific research skills, joint subsidy application).

  6. Forging collaborations with leading hospitality journals and building special issues around conferences

I would be honoured to carry on the great work of my predecessors and help further the added value and relevance to stakeholders and you in particular. I hope you will vote for me!

Eda Gurel

Bilkent University, Turkey


Assistant Professor Eda Gürel is the Acting Chair of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management in Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. She has more than 20 years of teaching and research experience at Bilkent one of the leading universities of the world (Times Higher Education and QS University Rankings).

Eda has completed her Master’s degree in tourism marketing at the University of Surrey, UK. She holds a PhD degree in Business Administration from Hacettepe University, Turkey.

Eda’s research interests include tourism and services marketing, museums, public relations, consumer and business ethics, and entrepreneurship; she has conducted research at London Metropolitan and Oxford Brookes universities in the UK.

Eda published in leading journals, including International Journal of Arts Management, Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Business Ethics, and European Journal of Marketing. In 2010, she was presented with the “Best Young Academic” award by the Bosphorus University in Istanbul, Turkey. An active external consultant for the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), Eda has been a member of EuroCHRIE for more than 13 years. She has contributed to the organization as the Area Consultant for Turkey since 2007.

Eda can be contacted at:

Platform Statement

I have been a member of EuroCHRIE for more than 13 years and served as the Area Consultant for Turkey since 2007. It is an honor for me to be a candidate for Vice President. Through participation in various activities, including as a member of the organization committee for EuroCHRIE 2004 Conference in Ankara Turkey; as a regular participant of EuroCHRIE conferences and paper reviewer since 2009, I have followed the progress of EuroCHRIE with interest and pride.

During this time, geographical boundaries have expanded, membership has increased, pre-conference sessions, such as PhD workshops have been introduced and the organization has become more relevant globally with its amended bylaws in 2016. I am very happy to be part of this inclusive tourism network involving more members not only from Europe but also from the Mediterranean Basin and Africa. As the leading organization that embraces academics, prospective educators, industry and community members of the world’s largest industry, EuroCHRIE has contributed to research, international exchange and global camaraderie of tourism professionals without distinction as to sex, race, language or religion.

I believe we can do more.

  • We can bring educators from hospitality and tourism management schools and universities and industry and community representatives together in a closer cooperation and coordination.

  • We can become more defined in our mission by closing the gap between the needs of the tourism industry and the world of contemporary tourism education and research through keeping our members at the forefront of trends; by providing a win-win platform through education and research for a sustainable and just tourism planning and development for the future.

  • We can establish collaboration with leading hospitality journals and publish special issues around conferences to connect academic efforts more accessible to management needs.

In brief, EuroCHRIE can mark its distinction as the leading organization for the advancement of the tourism industry, research and education, by concentrating on the managerial application of scholarly work.

I would love to explore new ways to increase industry awareness of EuroCHRIE by making the organization even more relevant and beneficial to the industry. I would be honored to serve and to promote EuroCHRIE with enthusiasm as its Vice President.

(Standing Unopposed)


Steven Rhoden

Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


I am the Head of Department for Marketing, Retail and Tourism at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Previously, I was Associate Dean for Knowledge Exchange in the University’s Hollings Faculty, and the Principal Lecturer for Tourism Management.

Based in the University’s double-accredited (AACSB, AMBA) Business School, the Department is one of the largest providers of education in Marketing, Advertising and Brand Communications, Retail, Place and Tourism Management. Its courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Institute of Place Management. Manchester Met is a long-time Premium Member of CHRIE and its Tourism provision is recognised as a Centre of Excellence by the Institute of Travel and Tourism.

I have been an active member of CHRIE since 2004, when I presented my first co-authored paper at the Philadelphia I-CHRIE conference. Since then, I have supported EuroCHRIE, I-CHRIE and APacCHRIE conferences as both contributor and reviewer of papers and posters.

I became involved in the management of EuroCHRIE in 2012 when I joined the Board of Directors as the Area Consultant for the United Kingdom. In 2015, I was Conference Chair for the 2015 EuroCHRIE annual conference at Manchester Metropolitan University. This conference brought together over 200 academics, PhD students and industry colleagues from across the three CHRIE federations to disseminate and celebrate research excellence, to share good pedagogic practice and to strengthen professional networks. In 2018, I joined the Executive of EuroCHRIE as interim Federation Secretary.

Platform Statement

I am standing for Secretary of EuroCHRIE to be able to take a more involved role in the running of the organisation, including voting for proposals that are in Members’ interests and ensuring the sustainability of EuroCHRIE. Standing as interim Secretary this year, I am responsible for the running of official Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings, the maintenance of records and representing EuroCHRIE on the ICHRIE Bylaws Committee. A belief in diversity, partnership and excellence underpins my work for EuroCHRIE and beyond. Indeed, these three cornerstones of my candidacy for Secretary reflect the very best of EuroCHRIE—something we celebrate every year at conference—and I would welcome the opportunity to serve the Membership, if elected, to bring these values to bear on the evolution of EuroCHRIE.

Director of Networking & Conferences
(Two Candidates)


James Musgrave

Leeds Beckett University, UK


Dr James Musgrave is Subject Head at the UK Centre for Events Management. James has a strong publication background related to sustainable management within the events industry, having been awarded Highly Commended Paper Award Winner from Emerald Publishing for his article “Moving towards Responsible Events Management”. He is lead author of the MPI report into the value of CSR in the meetings industry. He is co-editor of ‘Sustainability and Events Management’ published by CAB International and special edition editor for the Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes journal on the continuing debate of sustainable management within events. He has written numerous industry white papers and contributed to various book chapters, more recently for Professor Michael Hall (2014) Sustainable Management in Tourism. He is an invited speaker at international conferences on event management and sustainability. His PHD is from the world renowned Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. He sits on the executive committee of the Association of Event Management Education, was a mirror committee member for ISO 20121 (Sustainable Events Management) and actively promotes sustainable practices in events through various industry partners and design of educational programmes. James has extensive experience in corporate events and hospitality operations and senior partner for Genuine Hospitality Consultancy. He has delivered training events for ARUP, Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre, Logistik and worked alongside Positive Impact to deliver online sustainable courses.

Platform Statement

As Director of Networking my focus is to support members to bid for the annual EuroCHRIE conference. The conference is the main source of income for EuroCHRIE and one of the most valued activities associated with membership. The conference continues to be a high profile event, and with support from the board, I hope that the annual event increases its global reach. Consequently, it is vital that as Director of Networking I promote a transparent and fair bidding and shortlisting process. Along with board members, I will provide guidance for any member interested in bidding. This will include a review of proposal documentation through to guidance on programming, networking opportunities and content management. I will be pleased to support any one from the EuroCHRIE family with achieving a successful event, from conference idea through to completion.

Anne Conneally

Sheffield Hallam University, UK


Anne Conneally is Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Business Management at Sheffield Hallam University. She teaches across a number of hospitality business management modules on the EPAS accredited courses. Her academic credentials include: a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Sheffield Hallam University, a BSc in Hospitality Management, Dublin Institute of Technology, and a MSc in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, National University Galway, Ireland.

Anne has dedicated working hours to the international hospitality industry; living and working in Ireland, Germany and the United States of America. She has shared her personal, professional and academic knowledge across the globe - delivering at conferences in Lausanne, Berlin, Dublin and Florida and teaching in Denmark, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Cologne. Anne has been instrumental in supporting the validation of hospitality programmes at business schools in Mauritius and Vietnam and views these as essential success stories for the future and sustenance of the hospitality industry.

Anne is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality, a Fellow of the Institute of Learning and Teaching Academy, CIPD registered and is a certified Emotional Intelligence coach with RocheMartin; working as a consultant as well as embedding the practice in to her teaching.

Platform Statement

As an active member of EuroCHRIE, Anne has enjoyed presenting papers on pedagogical approaches, employability and graduate skills, as well as offering up critiques of the hospitality industry. She acknowledges the value and worth of the industry to the world at large and has identified, on many occasions, the gaps which yet need to be addressed and/or at least discussed in open forum. This is where she believes her role as Director of Networking can be fully utilised and best placed to ensure EuroCHRIE continues to celebrate and focus on: best practice, challenges, and sustainable solutions going forward.

Anne has intentions to further utilise her local, national, international and global contacts and invite them in to, the well-established ethos of the EuroCHRIE family. She aims to work closely with the Vice President, chair of the Conference Committee and the Director of Education and Research.

Anne has previously written for the EuroCHRIE newsletter and has at this stage highlighted the importance of maintaining relations between industry, education and government. Her vision, via the EuroCHRIE platform, is to continue to work on strengthening the aforementioned relations, so that the hospitality industry can gain further traction and precedence.

Anne will use her industry experience, her scholarly writing and presentation skills, in addition to her “banging of the bodhran” (if necessary) to gain the attention of those who have not yet heard the beat of the EuroCHRIE drum.

Director of Membership Services
(Standing Unopposed)


Hjalte Brøndum Mansa

EAL, Denmark


Hjalte was elected as Area Consultant for Denmark in 2017 at the Kenya conference, taking over the position for Anders Justenlund, continuing the member integration of Danish universities. He has since been working with the board on developing the member value prospect and member integration in the board. On day-to-day basis, Hjalte works with internationalization and lectures on Hotel and Restaurant Management in Southern Denmark at University College Lillebaelt, managing the alumni association, Hosco platform and EuroCHRIE integration.

EuroCHRIE is an invaluable network for the industry, as the focus of research and association with direct business partners, upon which we are able to build focused, business impacting, research and lift the sector in both education and business execution to a higher standard. This and the family of EuroCHRIE, creates a frame for a truly international collaboration, in a truly international industry.

EuroCHRIE is where I go to come home – What can we do to make come home as well?

Platform Statement

The EuroCHRIE Board has long been working on a different approach to our value proposition for our members and the role of Director of Member Services and Development will have a responsibility to take a lead on this deeper value proposition, coupled with a clear aim of better member integration. Our social media platforms are getting great engagement and are here to stay but the loss of members is a struggle that many organizations must overcome.

I would like to better integrate our Area Consultant’s, changing them from regional agents, to active ambassadors, telling our stories and building their leads for new members. With the new Small Group Meetings format, our chances of creating our conference family feeling outside of our main conference has grown significantly – we need to use this opportunity to be a better and stronger Association. Further, our organization has many business collaboration possibilities within our industry, some already working great, some with greater potential. I intend to, in collaboration with our Director of Industry Relations, work towards stronger industry bonds and applying of our member’s research abilities, where possible.

I aim to work for this, by a better collaboration with our Area Consultant’s, through bimonthly or quarterly AC group calls and updates, listening in on the situation and integration of our members, rather than just updates. I acknowledge that this requires more of our Area Consultant representatives – making our member base grow, can only happen by the collective and cannot be done by the individual.

This isn’t an appointment for the short term, but more for the long haul.

Director of Research
(Two Candidates)


Levent Altinay

Oxford Brookes Business School, UK


Levent Altinay is a Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Oxford Brookes University, Business School. He served as the Research Lead of Oxford School of Hospitality Management and the Director of the Centre for International Tourism and Events Management Research (CITEM) more than a decade. Professor Altinay is the Editor-in-Chief of The Service Industries Journal . He is also the Associate Editor, Europe, for International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management and Journal of Service Theory and Practice. He sits on the editorial boards of more than twelve journals.

Altinay’s research interests are in the areas of hospitality entrepreneurship, strategic alliances and international business. Using primarily qualitative methods as well as mixed methods, he is particularly interested in how hospitality and tourism entrepreneurs start up and develop their businesses and also how firms establish partnerships internationally. His work has been published in top tier journals including Annals of Tourism Research and Tourism Management, International Journal of Hospitality Management and International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. Altinay has strong record of attracting blue chip external funding, including funding from the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council); the British Academy and Newton. Altinay has co-authored hospitality strategic management, entrepreneurship and research methods textbooks.

Platform Statement

I am writing to express my interest in the Director of Research position. I would like to highlight several points regarding my application:

  • I am a prolific researcher who has consistently been publishing in internationally rated top tier journals over the past ten years with more than 50 publications. I act as a role model and mentor to the PhD students, early and mid-career researchers in fields of hospitality and tourism internationally.

  • I have a sustained record of successful research grant applications and managing funded projects to successful completion. I have been awarded funding from a number of prestigious bodies such as the Newton/British Academy, British Academy, ESRC, as well as funding from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for international collaborative projects; all of which have raised the profile of hospitality and tourism research through addressing the role of hospitality in tackling global agendas including the wellbeing of elderly; integration of refugees to the community; and empowering women. In addition, I have secured consultancy income/sponsorships from the hospitality and tourism industry to produce impactful research that offered direct value to the practitioners and policy makers.

  • I have demonstrated considerable research leadership. As the Research Area Leader and Director of Research Center for more than ten years, I have led the Oxford School of Hospitality to a Center of Excellence in hospitality research. My main responsibilities in this role included the development of the research strategy, managing and motivating colleagues, implementing the research strategy by using the appropriate performance targets; evaluating the performance of colleagues and rewarding achievements. I also co-ordinated the research activities, developing cross-disciplinary research teams and supporting my peers through the provision of research training seminars and mentoring. I have also been able to create other opportunities for the professional research development of my colleagues, for example by arranging editorship responsibility for special editions of journals, and through involvement in the organisation of international conferences. In addition, I have been contributing to the research profile of the School through external research activities, enhancing the School’s reputation and distinctiveness in the area of hospitality management research (e.g through developing and maintaining liaison in the international collaborative research partnerships with leading institutions).

  • I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Service Industries Journal and my main responsibility involves leading, influencing, shaping current and future research agendas. My original contributions to knowledge in the field and my research achievements are also well recognised both at national and international level, having presented at prestigious conferences, co-chaired six international conferences, successfully co-edited special editions of journals, serving as an editorial board member of international journals and having delivered keynote addresses to policy makers and practitioners as well as academics internationally.

My commitment to research excellence is evidenced by the leadership and quantity and quality of my research outputs. On this basis, I believe that my expertise, skills and experience would make valuable contributions to the EuroCHRIE research community through the Director of Research role.

Jean-Pierre Van der Rest

Leiden University


Jean-Pierre van der Rest is Professor of Business Administration at Leiden University, one of Europe’s leading research universities. He holds a concurrent position as a Dean at the Graduate School, and previously served as a Professor, Research Director and Associate Dean at Hotelschool The Hague. Jean-Pierre received a PhD in Business from Oxford Brookes University (Oxford School of Hospitality Management), a MA in Managerial Economics from University of Durham (Department of Economics and Finance), and a BBA in Hotel Administration from the Hotel Management School Maastricht. His research focuses on pricing decision-making and revenue optimization in the hotel and restaurant industry. He serves on various editorial boards in hospitality and tourism management. Recipient of research awards, Jean-Pierre actively promotes research and teaching excellence. He has taught in Bachelor, Master, MBA, and Executive Education programmes, has chaired accreditations, and has been an external examiner, external advisor, and a visiting professor at various international business schools.

Platform Statement

Having been at the EuroCHRIE, APacCHRIE and I-CHRIE conferences for many years, it would be a real honour to serve as your Director of Research. In this role I would have three ambitions: (1) making EuroCHRIE attractive for oversees CHRIE researchers whilst remaining a true home for our EuroCHRIE family; (2) facilitating a dialogue between academia and industry to uncover current and actionable ideas for research and practice; and (3) fostering unique research experiences and long-lasting research collaborations, friendships and exchange. To pursue these ambitions, I would utilise my international network of contacts, develop close working relationships with conference hosts, and actively involve myself in each and every research-relevant detail of the conference, in particular the organisation and level of the review process, setting up/drafting parallel sessions, and searching for appropriate moderators, to ensure the best possible conference programme and preparation. Attending all sessions, I will listen to your ideas and experiences. In this way, I will continuously prospect and strive for new conference parts, such as research workshops (e.g., data treatment, data mining, multi-level regression, text analytics, qualitative analysis, NVIVO, etc.), data sharing initiatives, special interest groups, editor / expert meet-ups, and research contests.

(Standing Unopposed)


Florian Aubke

FHWien der WKW


Florian has been an active member of the board since 2016, serving as an Area Consultant for Austria. During this time, Florian has actively promoted EuroCHRIE and its activities in the hospitality and tourism community in Austria and provided support for other members of the board. In particular, his focus was on continuous improvement of the services offered to members and thus ensuring sustained development. Due to its geographical location in Central Europe, a strong network in Austria can function as a bridge towards the East, which is one of the key motives for his engagement in EuroCHRIE.

Florian is currently appointed as Head of Master Program Leadership in Tourism at FHWien der WKW. He teaches a wide range of subjects in hospitality management, including hotel asset management, revenue management and hotel development. His interests cover relational aspects of creativity, innovation and organizational design – with a particular application to the hospitality and tourism industry. Before joining academia, Florian gained operational experiences in the hospitality and event management industry in Germany and Australia.

Platform Statement

With great enthusiasm, I stand for election for the position of Treasurer of EuroCHRIE and a member of the ICHRIE Finance Committee. Over the past three years, I have dedicated time and effort to the development of EuroCHRIE as an area consultant for Austria. During this time, I came to realize that there is no alternative association to EuroCHRIE of such quality that provides a professional platform for hospitality educators. The development of EuroCHRIE is an ongoing process and I am prepared to continue taking an active part in this.

Over the years, EuroCHRIE has developed into a vibrant network of institutional and individual members. However, institutions are increasingly under financial pressure and associations are scrutinized by their members. Other associations and networks compete with us for members, and our current and future members increasingly ask for a value add. The ability of the association to remain a relevant and respected stakeholder in the hospitality and tourism sphere is not at last dependent on its financial capabilities. If I am elected treasurer, I will focus on supporting and advising the executive board on activities that enhance the association’s visibility and future growth.

The control of finances of the association in a responsible and trustworthy manner is paramount for achieving current and future goals. The funds that are entrusted to the association by our members need to be spent with care and strategic foresight. I believe that I bring the necessary skills to the board to maintain the books in an orderly manner. Above all, I will strive to maintain the excellent relationship I have with the members of the board, thereby strengthening EuroCHRIE’s position for its members.

And finally...

The votes will be verified, and all data then expunged. There is one member one vote and all names and membership numbers will be checked. All votes will remain confidential and the EuroCHRIE administrator will be the only person to have access to the specific data. The final results will be independently verified.

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